Title:Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and Music
Overall Rating:B
Source: Time Warner Interactive
Playing Time: No limit
Date: 1994
Cost: $ 43 (http://cheap-cds.com/surf/disps/013328)
Number of Players: 1
Special Equipment/Facilities Needed: C.D.Rom Drive
Subject Area: General Interest in theWoodstock event in 1969.
Objectives:For those not lucky enoughto have been there, or to be born yet, t! his c.d. will allow you to timetravel back to Woodstock.
Brief Description: Based loosely on theAcademy Award winning film "Woodstock" by Mike Wadleigh, this c.d. providesan intimate escape to a time where peace was the objective and music wasuniversal. The drugs didn't take away from the experience either apparently.
Entry Capabilities Required:I am abouta level two computer user, and about a level one Woodstock follower. Don'tget me wrong, the music was decent, and I am a huge fan of an outdoor party,but the media potrayal of the event was that drugs ran rampant,and thec.d. software showed much of the same. Did anyone just rely on alcoholto enjoy the events of Woodstock?

Rating: 4

Strong Points:Easy toinstall, fun to use.
Weak Points:None. It gave me anything and everything I wanted to know about the Woodstockexperience.
Reviewer: Craig McDonell
Position:Gred 518
Date:Thursday, June 11th, 1998.
Computer System Reviewed on: MacintoshPowerPC 6500/250, 32mb ram.
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