Ideas for the web site:

- A Personal Sports Card

- Stories submitted by players.

- A Photo Gallery gathered from on-campus and from alumni submissinos

- What is your idea?

The Potsdam Bears Sports Legacy Project

The Potsdam Bears legacy project is an effort to capture the essence of the Bears athletic experience. Starting in July 2009 with a proof-of-concept using Men's and Women's Soccer, the goal is to show what can be done, and to expand the project as Alumni athletes contribute with both their time and/or donations to fund the work needed to complete the project.

The project will consist of three phases:

Part 1) Prototyping (through July 10, 2009)

Part 2) Feedback from SUNY Potsdam Alumni athletes over Alumni Weekend, July 10-12th, 2009.

Part 3) With feedback from Alumni considered, alllocation of resources to complete the project.

Some examples


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