Professional Experience in Research



1983 - 1993 Ph.D. Dissertation research : University of South Florida. Dissertation topic: Population Structure and Trophodynamics of Lanternfish (Pisces: Myctophidae) Larvae of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. Dissertation Chairman: Dr. T.L. Hopkins.

1988 - 1990 Biological Scientist : Florida Department of Natural Resources. Supervised Coastal Zone Management Project investigating the distribution of fishes in the Little Manatee River, Florida.

Publications and Presentations

Nobles, M., C. Dawson, and W. J. Conley 2015.  A Decade of Disturbance: The Impact of Hurricanes, Oil Spills, and Dead Zones on Organisms of the Mississippi Sound.  SUNY Potsdam Research and Creative Endeavors Symposium

Conley, WJ , C Carlton, ET Lowe, and D Pawlowski (2012) After the Storm:The Affect of Hurricane Katrina on the Distribution and Abundance of Common Coastal Fishes and Shrimp in the Mississippi Sound. BIOS

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