Art and Artists


Blind Spot
A rather hip photography magazine with some regular contributions by some biggies in the field as well as some neat stuff by relative unknowns. Check Issue Five (in print, not online unfortunately) under Kineyo Hagiwara for a leetle sooprise!

Salvador Dali
A pretty darn good page about one of my favorite artists. As the near and dear John Chadwick put it, "Reality is so surreal, man" and paintings like "Swans Reflecting Elephants" just prove that Dali was more than a dorm-room poster painter. Give him a second chance, eh?

Remedios Varo
My dear friend Dabney, currently an art history maven at Northwestern University turned me on to Varo when she (Dabney, not Varo) was interning at the National Museum for Women in the Arts in D.C. She (Varo...and Dabney) is extremely hip and should be much better known and respected than she is. Hmmph. Philistines!

School of Visual Arts
New York City
The Big 'Nasti's alma mater. One would think their web page might be a little more...well, visual, but I suppose it's their mission to turn out good graduates, not good web pages. Still this is where my recalcitrant osprey got her collegiate wings, so I shouldn't be overly critical...

Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, MA
The Home Page for one of the first real museums that I ever came to know and love. This is also one of the better museum pages because they let you browse some of the exhibits.

Guggenheim Museum
New York City
Home Page for all of the Guggenheim museums (SoHo, New York and Bilbao).

Corcoran Gallery
Washington, D.C.
Bill and Hill's personal gallery, right down the street from ye olde Casa Blanca and home to some damn fine 20th century stuff (and other things that interest me to a lesser, although still relevant, degree). Nice page, too.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City
The Biggest Museum, the Most Inauspiciously Located Museum and the Museum at Which You Are Most Likely to Hear the Phrase "Hey...nice use of chiaro-f***in'-scurro!". Its page speaks for itself.

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