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Zippy the Pinhead
"Giant English Bootwipe! Giant English Bootwipe! Giant English Bootwipe!"

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The International Asterix Page
For those of you who don't know about Asterix & Obelix (and their Druid buddy Getafix, pictured at left), this ugly although highly useful page is a great start. Lotsa links.

Red Meat Page
Dry, dry, dry humor with some of the best minimalist cartooning ever done...

This Modern World
Simply put, the best dadboned comic strip working right now...keeping the fascists in their place as well as keeping the rest of us from becoming complacent. Sparky the Penguin should be the spokespenguin for the world.

Doonesbury Town Hall
He doesn't quite do it like he used to, but ol' Garry is still funny as well as a damn fine liberal whose e-dventures I'm more than happy to support.

Opus and Bloom County Page
Good jumping on point for the sorely-missed strip.

Coconino County Home Page
Page dedicated to George Herriman and Krazy Kat, one of the most influential, existential and truly mind-warping comic strips ever drawn. Plus, I happen to like the actual Coconino County so it makes me like this strip that much more.

Tom's Tick Page


"The" Simpsons Site
Yeah right...the Simpsons Site...like other than cyber-porn and the @&%*$#@^$!! X-Files this isn't the single most popular Web topic. Anyway, this is a good one and part of the Web-ring so start here and run...

Church of the SubGenius
Formerly located at UNC's very own SunSite (and formerly maintained by ol' David Mcconville himself, you will not see a more bizarre page than this/these. Enter at will...

Dr. G's Random Links
(not actually associated w/Dr. Gura)

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