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Russian Literature Page
Russian Literature page at Bucknell University, where such notable literary figures as Kareem-Abdul Tolstoy (right) can be found. This is a mother-lode of stuff. best darn page I've found so far for info Russian writers, although here's a couple more: 

Mark Twain Page
Anybody that can rip Fenimore Cooper a new one in the space of twelve pages is all right with me. This page (from Syracuse University, I think...) isn't the most amazing thing I've ever found, but it's a pretty nice compendium of stuff on America's Funniest Emotionally-Scarred Satirist of the 19th Century.

San Narciso C.C. Pynchon Page
Page dedicated to God. If you don't know, then you won't understand. By the way, I received a first edition of the tome at left for my birthday from my then-girlfriend/now-wife, which guaranteed my lifelong devotion to the giver. THIS is the power of brilliant writing! Stay tuned for the dissertation to follow in early 2000. 

Kurt Vonnegut Index
All I can say about this page is that this guy likes Vonnegut even more than I do. This page has every possible link you could ever need to old Kurt, who (dammit, please make me a visionary on this one, KV!) has another great book left in him yet!

Salman Rushdie Page
Why has nobody done a good page on him yet (hmmmm...project? Stay tuned...). He's quite simply one of the best writers to come down the pike in many a year. Between Haroun and the Sea of Stories, Shame, Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses I'd have a hard time thinking of a more consistent novelist. I haven't read the new novel but I've heard mostly good things.

Walker Percy project
Another UNC project (at least the web-page, not the project itself), this page is dedicated to the South's best bad Catholic (get over it, already...). He kicks the Flan-ster's butt ten ways to Tuesday, if you ask me.

Ole Miss Faulkner Page
For my dear friends Erin Hubener and Richard Wright (both Faulknaholics of the highest order), I present this link to the William Faulkner page, closest to Yoknapatawpha in spirit and location.

Literary Kicks Page
Mostly about the Beats (without whom I could probably still get through the day), but a pretty good page about Jack Kerouac, who, despite his legion of wannabes and poseurs (it's not his fault that he attracts such a goofy bunch of people who don't know how to read--check out Big Sur if you wanna know what he thought about his cult of personality) is still a good writer. Get past the biggies and read Desolation Angels or Dr. Sax.

Life and Works of Herman Melville
Three Words: Herman Melville crazy 
Three More Words: Confidence Man tremendous. 
Three Final Words: Pierre freakin' twisted...

Nathaniel Hawthorne Archive
Considering that most people just don't understand how big a freak hawthorne really was, this site is an absolute goldmine of first-hand evidence that he wasn't just a tortured descendant of Puritans but also a die-hard German Romantic looney tune at times. Damn, the man can write tho'.

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