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Let us go then, you and I...

I am currently an assistant professor of English and communication at the State University of New York College at Potsdam in Potsdam, New York. My wife and I live in this humble house, which we happily stumbled into and are in the process of fixing up to our tastes at this point.

I got my M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina in lovely, downtown Chapel Hill, NC, known alternately and equally correctly by each of the following descriptive monikers: 

  • The Southern Part of Heaven 
  • The Thorn in Jesse's Bee-hahnd 
  • The Only Town in North Carolina Whut Ain't Got No Speedway 
  • "Next Three I-40 Exits"
  • American city with the Greatest One-Year Air Quality Decrease Ever!
  • Car Flipping-and-Destroying Capital of the East Coast
At UNC, I was in the  Department of English chained down to this lovely symmetrical bunker of academic neoclassical architecture know as...

Greenlaw Hall.
The Horror! The Horror!

Within these miserably-designed halls did I reside in search of a Ph.D in 20th Century American literature, minoring in Russian/Soviet literature, concentrating on satirical fiction on the post-WWII period (I know..."ask me if I care?"). I finished my M.A. in May of 1997, writing a thesis entitled "It's a Good Idea, But It Won't Work: Redefining of Proletarian Literature through the Works of John Dos Passos, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison and John Steinbeck (no it's not a link to a text of it, only the library citation, so you can see I'm not lying). I also occasionally contribute diatribes to the local school paper as a hobby. Here are four of them: 

Before coming to Chapel Hill, I lived in Fayetteville, AR, an equally charming place (situated halfway between everything else in the world) which unfortunately tends to lose its luster after four years of trying to get out. Although I find the memory of a $275/month rent for my wonderful Reagan Street chateau (sniff...) and a cost of living that rivals Diogenes to be considerable drawing points (as well as close proximity to those fabulous Ozarks), it can weigh you down after a few years of indolent repetition. But it ain't the Land of Milk and Honey, after all, is it now? It does house a vast number of my favorite people, though, so it certainly keeps my attention regularly. I could be lured back someday for good, but it'd have to be a pretty good lure. But, hey...I was born there and I grew up (emotionally) there, so it feels like home sometimes.

I worked for a considerable period of time (longer than I sometimes care to admit) at the Ozark Brewing Company in Fayetteville, at which I made a great number of my closest friends in the world, financed my first year of graduate school and almost developed a pathological hatred for mankind, especially the mankind that asks "What comes on the Ham and Cheese?" With the exception of some...er, notable lapses in self-control and better judgment, this year and a half was one that I can look back on positively, despite the fact that I'd rather be buried up to my neck in a red-anthill than ever wait tables again.

I actually did go to school in Fayetteville for a while too (or so they tell me...frankly, those years are a little hazy around the edges, especially that band experience.). The dear old U of A provided me with a home from August 1991 until December of 1993, when I got my B.A. (Bad-Ass degree) in English and History. I also developed an interest in all things Russian there, thanks directly to my nearest and dearest professor, Dr. Janet Tucker, without whose sage advice and conversation (and occasional cups of much-needed tea...) I might still be in the doldrums of mere Anglophiliac literature. Ochen' Spasiba, Prafyessor Tucker! I wrote a little ditty called Laughing Through Clenched Teeth: The Menippean Satires of Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Vladimir Voinovich and Alek'sander Zinoviev as my senior Honors thesis and that paper has a distinct resemblance to what I plan on dissing on eventually. If you'd like to see an e-text version of it...get a life, please.

Prior to my return to the now-beloved, then-despised South, I spent a year at that shockingly over-priced yet reasonably edifying institution of higher book-larnin' known as Boston University in bee-yoo-tee-ful Back Bay Boston, Massychootsits. While better known for its hockey and soccer prowess (and now for getting rid of football...ptooey, good riddance) and its lunatic-fringe president, old B.U. wasn't a bad place to spend a year (and $26,000) developing a moderately post-adolescent version of myself and gave me a Jones for Bean-town that won't wane anytime soon if my return visit in the summer of 1996 was any indication. Keep my barstool warm at the Dugout, lads, and my season ticket application at Fenway is in the mail. 


KCPT Channel 19--Kansas City Public Television

The place where ol' Dad (right--eerie resemblance, n'est-ce pas? I assure you, it's merely aesthetic, rather than philosophical, as can be proved bythe fact that my nameis neither Rod, nor Tod) formerly spent the better part of at least half of many of the working days of the early part of most weeks of some seasons of the year, slaving away, helping to enlighten Kansas City's best and brightest. Not to mention, their tower is reeeeeeeally big.

City of Darmstadt Page

Official Homepage for the city in Germany where I lived for five early years of my life. Still the site of one of the ugliest train stations in all of Europe.

Regionaler Informationsdienst Odenwald

The homepage (auf Deutsch) for the region ("the Forest of Odin"...ooooh, aaaah!) from which the German side of my family comes. This page ain't much to look at but I just think it's neat that such a quaint little semi-medieval valley has a web-site.

The Arkansas Page

"I don't hate the South, I don't hate the South, I don't hate the South!"

Guided Photo-Tour of Europe

Well, at least parts of central Germany, Florence and a little bit of Switzerland. This is the photo album of the trip Anastasia and I took in the summer of 1998. don't hate me because I'm geeky.

Leetle Rock Page

A Lil' Rock Page (not the best, not the worst...kinda like the city itself) describing the place where twelve years shot by, including a fondly-remembered three-year stint at the (in)famous Lil' Rock Central High. Mi madre still resides here, although sometimes I wonder why. An ever-diminishin yet still important number of good friends from high school and beyond as well call Little Rock "temporary lodgins" as well. 

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