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The Joaquin Stick Memorial Pages are still residing here, as they always will. Come check out this early D. Alfred Fledermaus design, with a bandography, discography, several nifty images from the band's lengthy and notable recording and performance career as well as some slander of Brian Eno, which always pays dividends in my book, thank you very much. 
The Wavetrain Home is Ad-Rock's ever-changing version of the Wavetrain homepage. All of the pertinent information on the phoenix which has risen up gloriously from the flames of Joaquin Stick.
With the demise of Honey Died, Fayetteville lost one of its few fringe-oriented bands. Fortunately, you can't keep either freaks or musicans down too long (unless you beat them severely), so one can now get one's fix of freak sounds from the Delta Spacemen, Wade's latest project. 

The Official Honey Died homepage--"The Sound of Honey"--was maintained and constantly updated from this very site. Now that the band doesn't exist anymore, you could accurately say that there isn't much traffic here anymore. However, if you want to remember the band in its full glory, this is the site for you.


The Ultimate Band List

The most comprehensive music site on the web (that I've found anyway). Almost every band that exists has a page on this sucker, with links to a ton of their other materials too. Freakin' goldmine, I tell ya!

Southern Culture on the Skids

"I didn't git thar' baby just a knockin' on wood, I got eight strappin' pistons right'cheer under mah hood..." If I gotta tell you, you just don't know, do you? The best live show in the five-continent metroplex. What could possibly top having banana pudding thrown at you by people who share your accent?

John Prine Shrine

Site dedicated to the vastly underrated musical genius that brought the world songs like "Let's talk Dirty in Hawaiian" and "Christmas in Prison"

CMJ On-Line

College Music Journal On-line. While I'm not always thrilled with what they consider to be good music, this is a damn sight better than what Spin thinks is worth listening to

Love 4 One Another (TAFKAP's page)

Does this prove definitively that, although he is one of the most amazing musicians of our time, Prince is completely loopy...Prince gettin' politically-jiggy wid' it! god, I sound stupid writing that...


Although I haven't gone out to get "Dots and Loops" yet, I'm still fascinated by this multilingual and extremely experimental (without being annoying like the unfortunately rather annoying post Spacemen 3 project Spectrum) band

Spiritualized Home page

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space has to get my vote for album of the year for 1997...bar none...except maybe Curtains by Tindersticks...or, Adam and Eve by Catherine Wheel...or If You're Feeling Sinister by Belle and Sebastian...or Urban Hymns by the Verve...or The Fawn by the Sea and Cake. All right, all right! We'll call it a draw.

Ani DiFranco

Best little nose-ring in Texas (or anywhere else). Take your alternativity and shove it, Joan and Alanis!

St. Alphonzo's (sic) Homepage

Dutch (?!?) Zappa page, which is a helluva good photo archive of the bizarre one. Resquiat in pacem.

De La Soul Webpage

The best homepage of the most consistently brilliant and innnovative group I can think of in modern music.

The Tindersticks

Kirill Korneev's site (what the hell is up with these Dutch guys and their web-pages? This one does appear to be a Russian transplant, tho') concerning my absolute favorite band right now. Many kudos to the Wadish One for turning me on to these guys. His page seems not be have been updated since his service provider chastised him for too many hits, so I've been using this alternate link to get my Tinderfix. They better do another album soon, or I'm gonna get sassy...

Belle and Sebastian

I am absolutely floored by this band. They simultaneously remind me of some of my favorite bands (most notably, the Tindersticks) while absolutely denying any parallels that I've heard before. I'm sure they're out there, but not in my personal listening experience. "Judy and the Dream of Horses" is among the best five songs ever written and anybody that says otherwise is gonna have to deal with Mr. Knuckles, capice?

Official Catherine Wheel Homepage

One of my more recently-discovered favorite bands...long a favorite of old Ad-Rock, now a favorite of mine, especially the newly released album of b-sides. What goes in the CD player when plain old-fashioned Pink Floyd ripoff-rock needs to be played.

Leonard Cohen Files

Oh, by golly, I tell ya this is the best darn home page I've found for the coolest-yet-gloomiest Canadian this side of Jacques Demers when he can't find his Prozac. I fixed the dead link that was here, by the way.

Nick Cave Page

Located at Nick's label, Mute Rekkids, this was the best (working) page on Sick Nick that I could once find...
However this alternate site and this one ain't bad, either. Actually, they're better I think...

Johnny Cash Homepage

John R. Cash worship site, complete with regular updates on his (unfortunately) failing health. His most recent album (especially the cover of the Spain song "Spiritual" is extremely good. Makes ya durn proud to be an Arkie...

Lou Reed Home Page

Welcome to a really well-done page on my absolute fave of all time, the brooding, sexually-ambiguous Lon'Guylander ex-Velvet-in-Furs, control-freak, glam-bam-thankyouma'am, Mr. Laurie Anderson, you-name-it, I've-done-it king of real rock n' roll. Freakin-a, man, I really get into your f***in' music...it's so excellent, you big scungille-head!

Tom Waits Digest

One ugly-ass page to one ugly-ass, but absolutely brilliant musician, who I would emulate if I could play 14 instruments too. What can you say...Tom Waits for every man (or woman)...This site is worth seeing if only for the front page.

Kraftwerk, die Mensch-Maschine

German geek-techno taken to its highest and most logical conclusion. These guys would be IT! if only they weren't so damn goofy...plus, they haven't done anything since 1985 worth peeing on...although I hear that's going to change. I wonder why all the Kraftwerk pages are so computer-geek oriented? Hmmm...

Digital Traditions

A really awesome folk music archive, with the one major irritation that it is only searchable by lyrics, not artists. Still, look at the number of songs listed for chrissake!

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