Politics (vaguely defined, anyway...)


Green Left Weekly
Verrerie nice on-line lib/soc magazine with an absolutely fabulous assortment of links!

The subcultural search engine. While I harbor no illusions about the level of fringe folk that also happen to use this site, there is something to be said for an Internet site that actually wants to intelligently discourse on the possibility of something besides Bill Clinton's blow-jobbery being news.

On line lefty cultural criticism mag-o-zine...Not the most out there stuff ever, but pretty good for what's essentially mass-media

Even before Entertainment Weekly (blech!) did a piece on this e-zine, they were my favorite place to go and see what women on the left really think about the neolithic majority of my gender and other burning issues.

The MoJo Wire--Mother Jones Interactive
Now this is more like it...damn, I like it when we don't act like a bunch of quibbling weenies and actually do something to counteract Liddyism and Dittoheads running amok in the 'burbs

What's Newt
Catch up on the beloved Speaker's boner du jour...I know this is sort of petty and spiteful, but at leats it doesn't cost $1M a week like Ken Starr does

Anti-Rush Headquarters
I'd say this page says anything that I could possibly add about as succinctly as need be done to debunk the mystery meat

Everlating GOP-Stopper

Loosely affiliated with Progressive Populist magazine, this is another good Bullshit Detector site

American Newspeak
"A weekly satirical e-zine celebrating the Orwellian face of the 1990's with cutting edge advances in the art of doublespeak carefully scavenged from the back pages of our finer newspapers."

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r. D'Amato
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