Vicarious Athleticism

The official homepages for University of Arkansas Men's and Women's athletics. Please note that I do have a link to the academic side of the University too, just in case you forget there is one.   
The official University of North Carolina Unwashed Feet home page. Don't ask me why the nickname is Tar Heels but the mascot is a #&@#*!! ram. Why is Alabama named the Crimson Tide and their mascot is an elephant, not ocean heat pollution? Why does Ohio State have a giant guy in a Freddy sweater running around with a somewhat poisonous nut on his head? These are mysteries I just cannot explain. By the way, check out the butt-whoopin' women's soccer team page (winners of all but five national championships ever contested in NCAA soccer). They shred. 


GSPN Spurtszone

All of the best of Greenlaw Hall sports, right at your fingertips. Keep up with the drives for the Men's and Women's b-ball titles as well as the softball team's always interesting games

Makhtar Ndiaye Tribute Page

Catch up on Carolina's best-paid ex-cheerleader. It's kind of boring around here these days without this loose cannon running around on campus...

ESPNet Sportszone

The Big Daddy of sports sites on the 'Net. Without this, there would be no waking up in the morning for me.

The Official NBA home page. All the best stuff about the second best game ever created by man, although the college version kicks these overpaid candy-asses' butts any day. I should boycott this link, but who cares anyway.

Mark Wheeler's US Soccer Page

A more comprehensive soccer page with links to all levels of soccer in the US and a few international links too. Great place to keep track of the drive back from France in 1998.

College Soccer Weekly

A better-than-average run down of the goings-on in the world of collegiate soccer. Again, this is kind of a slow site for about eight months out of the calendar.

New York Yankees Home Plate

Home of the 1996, 1998,1999 and 2000 World Champs. After 20 years of on-again, off-again loyalty (like a true Yanks fan), it really does my heart good to watch D-battery-throwing maniacs have a reason to celebrate properly. Say what you want about George Steinbrenner (I often do), but Joe Torre is the man, hands down.

Kansas City Royals' Home Page

Team record for runs in a season. Rookie of the Year, Carlos Beltran. Three guys (almost four with 100 RBI). Thirty-two and a half games out of first-place and thirty-three games below .500...Major League Baseball homepage of the best Triple-A team in baseball...unfortunately playing in the AL Central not the American Association North Division. 

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