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Current Research Projects

The links on this page are under construction and should be done shortly. If you are interested in obtaining the data on any of these projects please contact me.

This project examines the use of gubernatorial clemency in New York from 1910 to the present (2010). Click here for data.

This project examines the institutional dysfunction in New York State with attention given to legislature rule changes. Click here for data.

This project examines the congruence b/w the environmental statements given by a governor those in his or her party’s platform and the policies they sign into law.. Click here for data.

Executive Clemency in New York

This project examines the litigation strategies of state and local government officials’ organizations before the US Supreme Court. Click here for data.

States before the Supreme Court

Governing Dysfunction

Governing Green

This project examines the connection between social capital, government performance, and the attempts to dissolve village governments. Click here for data.

Dissolution of Local Governments in NY