SECD 316 and GRED 534


This fall, I'm teaching SECD 316 for Dr. Peter Brouwer, since he is serving as half-time Associate Dean for the School of Education and Professional Studies. This course deals with the appropriate and effective use of technology in teaching middle and high school students.  (I also teach GRED 534 as part of my usual fall load, and these materials are for students in that course as well.)


I have some resources here for my students' use.


Dialogs (1999), Looking for Consensus on Calculator Use

Trust Your Calculator for Complex Roots?

Calculator Pitfalls

A Recent Math Rant in Forbes (with a slight calculator reference)

Calculators in Elementary Schools (Science Daily)

Learning from a Broken Calculator? (MAA, 2000)

Tutoring a Student Today (or three years ago)