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Topic 1: Rotational and Bilateral Symmetry, Grades 7-8

(classroom idea 4A, CM, p.51)

Have students examine logos of businesses for rotational and bilateral symmetry. Then, using the computer, design a logo for an area business that is an example of rotational or bilateral symmetry.



Topic 2. Exploring different video rental plans (Math A)

Classroom idea 7C, p. 69 of the Course Materials


Two video rental clubs offer two different rental fee plans:

Club A charges $12 for membership and $2 for each rented video.

Club B has a $3 membership fee and charges $3 for each rented video.

For what number of video rentals is it less expensive to belong to club A?



Download excel environment Video Rentals.


 Topic 3: Quadratic Functions, with application to Projectile Motion, Math B

Classroom idea 2A, CM, p.88, Math B


Physicists tell us that the altitude h in feet of a projectile T seconds after

firing is h = -16t^2 + vt + h where v is the upward component of its initial

velocity in feet per second and h is the altitude in feet from which it is

fired. A rocket is launched from a hilltop 2400 feet above the desert with an

initial upward velocity of 400 feet per second. When will it land on the

desert? Discuss what the discriminant can tell you about the solution to this

problem. Then use the quadratic equation to find the solution and explain your




Topic 4: Trigonometric functions and their graphs


Classroom Idea 5E p. 93 of the Course Materials, Math B


Sketch four of the six basic trigonometric functions and their inverses on the graphing calculator by superimposing each function with its inverse.



Topic 5: Bernoulli trials, and binomial probability distribution

(Classroom idea 6D, Math B, Course Materials, p. 96).


Computational environment


Topic 6. The Tower of Hanoi (see Teaching Secondary Mathematics, p. 263).



Computational environment in Excel.

The Tower of Hanoi web sites:




Topic 7: Palindromic numbers (an enrichment unit from the book Teaching Secondary Mathematics by Posamentier and Stepelman)


Computational environments: numeric and graphic.

Factoring numbers.


Topic 8: Mathematics of Life Insurance



Computational environment: Compound interest.



 Topic 9: Tessellations (see Teaching Secondary Mathematics, p. 343).



Computational environment: Tessellations



 Topic 10: Pythagorean Triples (based on Sergei Abramovich's paper "Revisiting an Ancient Problem Through Contemporary Discourse", School Science and Mathematics, v. 99, #3, 1999 - available at SUNY Potsdam library ).


Computational environments:

Pythagorean triples and Pythagorean triples only.