Instructional Technology and Media Management
EDUC 410 - Media and Technology
- Course Syllabus -
Anthony Betrus: Instructor
Spring 2000

Credit: Three semester hours

Time: 2:00-3:15 T, Th

Location: Satterlee 300

Purpose: This course is intended to provide undergraduate students in secondary teacher education an overview of the instructional uses of media and technology within their academic area.  The goals of the course are to help students understand 1) uses of various media and technology in professional practice, 2) the current state of technology in education, and 3) major concepts and issues in the field.

Textbooks:  Required: Computers in Education, 8th edition.
                        Recommended: Land, M. and Turner, S. Tools for Schools 2nd Edition.


Homework: There will be 6 homework assignments for this course.  Each assignment will serve to reinforce your knowledge of the application of media and technology to instructional tasks.  For these assignments you are encouraged to acquire/develop materials which you may use in your classroom or instructional setting.  Requirements for individual assignments will be given in class.

Multimedia Project: A multimedia project on an instructional topic of your choice is due November 1st.  The topic should be in your teaching discipline and related to a selected unit of study.  The project should include text, graphics, animation and sound and be interactive with the user.

Lesson: Students will negotiate a topic for the final lesson.  The materials to be handed in include a completed lesson plan, presentation materials created in Powerpoint or similar presentation software (presentations may be printed and projected with an overhead projector), and an in class activity.  All materials listed in the lesson should be turned in with the lesson.

Attendance: Daily attendance is required of all students, as the content of daily class discussions can not be obtained in any other way than attending class. Class participation constitutes a significant portion of the overall course grade, and class attendance is a prerequisite for class participation.

Digital Storage: Each student is required to have one 3.5" high density diskette for e-mail and newsgroup communications.  Students are also required to purchase two100mb Zip cartridge for storage of larger files.  Zip cartridges can be purchased at the college book store.

Computer Use: As a class we will be using the Macintosh computers in Satterlee 300.  Students will be required to work with these computers or similar computers outside of class to complete homework assignments and the final term paper.

Newsgroups: Each week an article from Computers in Education will be assigned to be read.  Discussion of this article will take place on-line in the EDUC 410 newsgroup on the Internet.   Threaded discussions will take place among students in both sections of the course.  Students will be expected to do the assigned readings and contribute to the newsgroup discussion with well thought out and carefully considered comments. The discussion will be initiated by a discussion leader on a rotating basis.

Discussion leader role
- Post several questions about the assigned reading at least four days before the assigned reading is due.  Questions should spark interest, controversy, or challenge related to the readings.
- Facilitate an active Internet discussion by: following up on participantsí comments, asking for other opinions, asking for clarifications, helping resolve disagreements, keeping the discussion focused, etc.
- Provide a summary of the discussion in class.

Guidelines for discussion participation
- Read and respond to the discussion leaderís questions and fellow student responses up to 24 hours BEFORE the class discussion.
- Meaningful and thoughtful participation is important from everyone in the class
- Knee-jerk reactions should be avoided.  Please carefully consider your words before you post them.
- All student respond to the discussion leader in a threaded discussion, one thread per discussion (sub-threads allowed and encouraged).
- Before responding, students must first read the article.  Second, read the discusion leaders questions.  Third, read all responses posted at the time you are responding.  Fourth, respond to all of the above in your posting.

Late Policy: Unexcused materials received late will be graded on the basis of a .5 loss in grade for each class day past the due date.

Plagiarism: This course adheres to the College's policy on academic honesty as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Plagiarism may lead to grade reduction, course failure, or expulsion from school.

Students with disabilities: Any student with a disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations should speak with the professor as early as possible.  Students with disabilities should also contact: Sharon House, Coordinator of Accommodative Services at 267-3267, Sisson 112, or e-mail her at for further assistance.  All disclosures will remain confidential.

Course Schedule: (subject to change as needed) (Bold&Blue = Assignment Due) (Green&Italics = Reading response to be posted on newsgroupfor NEXT class session)(Red&Bold = No Class) (Red only = Independent work by the student in alternative labs is required)
Date: Topic:
1/20 Course Introduction/Overview; Review Syllabus & Textbook 
  Read: Appendix A, Tools for Schools
1/25 Internet Communication: E-mail/Newsgroups 
  Read: "Article 29: A Learner's Permit to the World Wide Web"
  Read: Introduction and Ch. 8. Tools for Schools
1/27 Locating Internet Teaching Resources: Netscape/WWW
2/1 [Assignment #1 Due: Internet site review] presentations 
  Read: Article 24: "Do Schools Need Internet Filtering?"
2/3 Desktop Publishing/Word Processing
  Read Chapter 2 Tools for Schools
2/8 [Assignment #2 Due: Desktop Published Piece]  presentations 
  Read: Article 19: Virtual Reality in Schools: The Ultimate Educational Technology
  Read: Chapter 6 Tools for Schools
2/10 Instructional Software Evaluations
***OPTIONAL, for Extra Credit*** Listen to Clifford Stoll speaking on NPR's The Connection, hosted by Christopher Lydon at (Real Audio Required)
2/15 Class Time used to Instructional Software Evaluations
 Read: Chapter 9. Tools for Schools
2/17 Class Time used to work on Instructional Software Evaluations
2/22 [Assignment #3 Due: Instructional software review]
  Read: Article 13: "Using Spreadsheets to Promote Algebraic Thinking"
  Read: Chapters 1,4 Tools for Schools
2/25 Spreadsheet Applications in Education  (Gradebooks/Simulations)
2/29 No Class - Winter Break
3/2 No Class - Winter Break
3/7 [Assignment #4 Due: Class Gradebook] 
Read: Article 9: "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Technology Initiatives"
Projected Visuals: Overhead Projector/Opaque Projector 
  Read: Chapter 3 Tools for Schools
3/9 Class Time used to work on overhead projector projects. 
3/14 [Assignment #5 Due: Projected Visual Presentation]  Class presentations 
Read: Article 14: "The Technology-Fed Growth of Educational Alternatives"
3/16 Visual Presentation Software: Powerpoint
3/21 Class time to work on PowerPoint presentations
  Read: Article 7: "Teachers of the 21st Century Know the What, Why and How of Technology Integration"
  Read: Chapter 7 Tools for Schools
3/23 [Assignment #6 Due: PowerPoint presentation] In class presentations 
Creativity Software: Inspiration 
Multimedia Project Topics Due: Storyboards Assigned
3/28 Multimedia Authoring Tools: Hypercard, Hyperstudio, Astound 
 Read Article: 20 "Multimedia and the Learner's Experience of Narrative"
3/30 Class time to work on Multimedia Projects
Multimedia Storyboards Due
4/4 Class time to work on Multimedia Projects
  Read: Article 8: Interactive Multimedia Storybooks: Integrating Technology into the Language Arts Curriculum
4/6 Class time to work on Multimedia Projects 
4/11 No Class - Spring Break
4/13 No Class - Spring Break
4/18 Class time to work on Multimedia Projects
4/20 [Student Presentations of Multimedia Projects]
4/25 [Student Presentations of Multimedia Projects]
  Read: Article 25 "New Windows Into a Child's Mind"
4/27 Violence in Video Games/Destructive Knowledge on the Internet
5/2 Simulations and Games-The Oregon Trail
5/4 Class Time to Work on Lessons 
  Read Article 33: "The Cyberface of Tomorrow's Schools: The New Florida High School"
5/9 Class Presentations of Lessons
5/11 Class Presentations of Lessons
5/17 Wedneday, May 17, 10:15-12:15 (Final Exam Meeting Time) Class Presentations of Lessons

Homework: [6 x 20 points each] 120 points
Multimedia Project   60 points
Lesson     60 points
Newsgroup Participation  30 points
Class Participation   30 points
TOTAL     300 points

270-300 points 4.0
255-269 points 3.5
240-254 points 3.0
225-239 points 2.5
210-224 points 2.0
195-209 points 1.5
180-194 points 1.0

Office Information:
Office: Satterlee Hall 216
Phone: (315) 267-2670
Office Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 12:45-1:45; Wednesday 7:00-9:30 (in Satterlee 300)

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