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This web site is designed primarily to support courses that I teach at SUNY Potsdam. Each course web site may have a password-required field which is designated for use by students enrolled into a course only.

GRED 565; EDUC 310; SECD 350; GRED 531; GRED 504;

SECD 450/GRED 570, GRED 667, GRED 505.

You are welcome to visit web sites for the courses.

This is my List of Publications from which students of SUNY Potsdam can download papers that I may assign to read.


Activities beyond teaching at SUNY Potsdam

Following is some personal information related to my past and present professional activity.


I have had appointments with the Department of Mathematics Education at the University of Georgia (where I was a recipient of the 1996 Kappa Delta Epsilon Educational Honor Society Award for Excellence in Teaching) and the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

I provide professional service to the following academic journals:

Advances in Educational Research and Evaluation (AERE) (founding Editor-in-Chief)

International Mathematical Virtual Institute: Open Mathematical Education Notes (founding Editor-in-Chief); co-publisher: SUNY Potsdam School of Education

Spreadsheets in Education (co-Editor)

Computers in the Schools (Associate Editor - Mathematics)

International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology (editorial board member)

Differential Equations and Control Processes (editorial board member)

Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching (editorial review board member)

Computer Tools in Education (editorial council member)

Gatchina Review (in Russian, editorial board member).

Interdisciplinary Studies and Contemporary Pedagogies (editorial board member)

I am a recipient of

2008 SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities.

2003 SUNY Potsdam President's Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Endeavors.


Interesting links

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives.

Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences.

Taxonomy of Skills web site.

Inside Teaching.

Quantitative Literacy.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (Mathematics).

New York State Education Department Office of Teaching Initiatives.

Drawings by a ten-year-old: Sara and No Way Out.

Temperature project (Canton, F/04).

Temperature project (student's work); Presentation draft

Travel project (Canton, S/05)

Weather 1; Weather 2






AMTNYS (Siena)

Serbia PP


13 SMC

Athens 2016

SITE 2016



EDUC 310 - Mathematics Elementary Methods.

If you need to enter a protected domain of the folder EDUC 310 please be ready to provide a password.

SECD 350 - Secondary School Mathematics Program.

 If you need to enter a protected domain of the folder SECD 350 please be ready to provide a password

GRED 531 - Creative Problem Solving - Mathematics.

If you need to enter a protected domain of the folder GRED 531 please be ready to provide a password.

GRED 504 - Using Spreadsheets in Teaching School Mathematics.

If you need to enter a protected domain of the folder GRED 595 (504) please be ready to provide a password.

GRED 565 - Elementary Mathematics Content and Methods.

If you need to enter the protected domain of GRED 565 please be ready to provide a password.

SECD 450/GRED 570 Secondary School Mathematics Instruction

GRED 667 - Topics and Research in Mathematics Education

GRED 505 - Topics in Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

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