Computer Science, Organizational Leadership, and Technology (CSOLT)
IT 621 - Multimedia Authoring and Scripting
- Course Syllabus -
Dr. Anthony Betrus: Instructor
Fall 2012

Credit: Three semester hours


Time: 5:30-8:45 PM Tuesday August28 through November 16


Location: Satterlee 300


Catalog Description: The goal of this course is to help students develop the skills necessary to produce portfolio quality interactive medi (ISTE 3.b). Emphasis will be placed on understanding the problem solving skills(SOEPS CF 1.a) associated with the multimedia development proces (ISTE 3.e). Intermediate level - not an introductory course. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor or advisor.


Required Textbooks: None

Required Software: Adobe Flash CS 5.5



Homework: There will be 3 homework assignments for this course. Each activity provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the material covered in class.  The first project will emphasize presentation of material, the second will focus on interaction with the user, and the third will involve more sophisticated scripting. Requirements for individual assignments will be given in class.


Final Project: Students will negotiate a topic for the instructional project, which should incorporate skills learned from the first 3 assignments. The materials to be completed for the instructional project include needed multimedia elements, a description of the target audience, a storyboard, and a timeline for completion.


Attendance: Daily attendance is required of all students.


Digital Storage: Each Student must have at least an 8gb USB Flash Drive


Plagiarism: This course adheres to the College's policy on academic honesty as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Plagiarism may lead to grade reduction, course failure, or expulsion from school.


Students with disabilities: Any student with a disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations should speak with the professor as early as possible. Students with disabilities should also contact: Sharon House, Coordinator of Accommodative Services at 267-3267, Sisson 112, or e-mail her at for further assistance. All disclosures will remain confidential.


Course Schedule: (subject to change as needed)



August 28

Course Introduction/Overview. Examples of Interactive Multimedia Projects. Terminology/Overview of authoring tools: Flash, Alice, PowerPoint, Python, Game Maker, Microsoft XNA. Creating Basic Animation with Flash. Storyboards for Assignment #1 assigned.

Sept 4

Storyboards for Project #1 due at the beginning of class. Designing Multimedia: Choosing an appropriate topic, designing hierarchical branching structures, and navigation. Using buttons, text fields and graphics, scanning.

Sept 11

[Assignment #1 Due: Presentation Project] Presentations and discussion in class. Storyboards for Assignment #2 assigned.

Sept 18

Action Script 3.0, Basic Interactivity, including nagivation between or within scenes Storyboards for Assignment #2 due]


Sept 25

Class time used to work on Assignment #2.

Oct 2

[Assignment #2 Due: Interactive Project]
Presentations and discussion in class. Action Script 3.0, Advanced Interactivity

Oct 9

No Class: Columbus Day Break

Oct 16

Class Time used to work on Project #3.

Oct 23

[Assignment #3 Due: Simple ActionScripted Game]

Oct 30

Topic for final project to be decided by today.
Presentations and discussion in class.
Storyboards Assigned

Nov 6

Storyboards for final project due.

Class time used to work on Final Project

Nov 13

Class time used to work on Final Project
Projects will be placed in students' HELIOS web folders
Students will conduct usability testing on the other students' projects

Dec 11

[Student Presentations of Instructional Projects] Final Projects Due. Production Report Due (Include what you planned to do, what obstacles and barriers you encountered and overcame/circumvented, and what you ultimately produced. This is a narrative of your production process. Include in your report a summary of your usability tests and what changes you made based on them. Full usability results can be included as an appendix to the report).


Homework: [3 x 50 points each]150 points
Final Project 150 points
TOTAL: 300 points


270-300 points 4.0
261-269 points 3.7
249-260 points 3.3
240-248 points 3.0
231-239 points 2.7
219-230 points 2.3
210-218 points 2.0


Office Information:
Office: Dunn Hall 393
Phone: (315) 267-2670
Office Hours: Wed 4:30-5:30 or by appointment.


Flash Resources:

Useful Scripts and Links click on Audio Editor (Myna)
Capturing and Editing Sound


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