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Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Nanobalance (EQCN) technique utilizes quartz vibrations and piezoelectric effect to measure mass changes as small as a fraction of a monolayer of atoms


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Professor Maria Hepel

Atomic Force Microscopy Laboratory

Department of Chemistry

Stowell Hall

44 Pierrepont Ave.

Potsdam , NY 13676, U.S.A.

Tel.: +1.315.267.2267

Fax: +1.315.267.3170

AFM  Fundamentals

 AFM tip interaction with sample

(Veeco Nanoscope IIIa)



Force versus distance curve


Atomic Force Measurements
The action at the AFM tip can be viewed as two components:
  - a sensor that responds to a force
  - a detector that measures the sensor response
Hooks law:

  F = -kz       where F is the force

                                k is the spring constant of a cantilever and
                                z is the vertical cantilever displacement.
The spring constant of a cantilever can be expressed as:

  k = Et3w/4L3        where  E is the elasticity modulus, which is a measure of

                                               the restoring force upon extention,
                                            t is the thickness of the cantilever.
In general, t is difficult to measure, however, it can be determined from the resonance frequency fr:

Fr = 0.162 (E/d)1/2t/L2   

where d is the density of the cantilever material.

The values of k are in the range from 0.01 to 50 N/m and are specified by the cantilever manufacturer.





Sharpened AFM Tip End




Nanowires assembled from MoO3 Semiconductor Metal Oxide




AFM Image of a Monolayer Film of Bovine Serum Albumin

on gold EQCN electrode,

film thichness: 38 nm




The AFM/STM instrumentation has been funded by the NSF CCLI program, Award No. 0126402.