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Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Nanobalance (EQCN) technique utilizes quartz vibrations and piezoelectric effect to measure mass changes as small as a fraction of a monolayer of atoms


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Professor Maria Hepel



Department of Chemistry

Stowell Hall

44 Pierrepont Ave.

Potsdam , NY 13676, U.S.A.

Tel.: +1.315.267.2267

Fax: +1.315.267.3170




Course No. 497 Research Problems

Research Advisor:  Professor Maria Hepel


Spring 2014

  • Daniel Coelho: Preparation of Graphene Oxide from Graphite Using Modified Hammers Method

  • Stefanie Guidice: Development of Analytical Methods for Antioxidant Detection

  • Samantha Matthews: Testing Laccase-Modified Electrodes for Detection of Polyphenols

  • Kathleen Morrisey: Testing HRP Enzyme Electrodes for Catechin

  • Steven Torres: Preparation and Characterization of Graphene Oxide

Fall 2013

  • Anthony Arena: Preparation and Testing of Prussian Blue-Modified Electrodes

  • Stefanie Guidice: Testing Sarcosine Oxidase-Modified Electrodes for Carboxylic Acids

  • Taylor Hughes: Development of Different Methods for Graphene Preparation

  • Christopher Li: Synthesis of Graphite Oxide

  • Samantha Matthews: Analysis of H2O2 with Graphene Composite Films

  • Kathleen Morrisey: Characterization of Graphene/Prussian Blue Films

  • Elina Paniagua: Detection of Byproducts of Enzymatic Reactions

  • Kiara Peralta: Testing Different Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells


Spring 2013


  • Anthony Arena: Future Electronic Applications of Graphene

  • Samuel Durham: Supercapacitors Based on Graphene

  • Christopher Li: Graphene Based Biosensors

  • Samantha Matthews: On/Off Switches Based on Graphene

  • Michelle Robinson: 3-Nitrotyosine as a Biomarker for NO Mediated Tissue Damage

  • Kiara A. Peralta: Dye-Sensitized /Solar Cells with Graphene Sheets and Titanium Dioxide

  • Taylor Hughes: Applications of Graphene Oxide for Controlled Anticancer Drug Delivery

  • Sara Carsman: Detective Gene Delivery with Functionalized Graphene Oxide

Fall 2012


  • Dustin Blake: Use of Raman Spectroscopy for the Characterization of Graphene Oxide

  • Christopher Li: Biosensors for Dopamine Based on Graphene

  • Megan Malone: Effect of Alkylating Agents on DNA

  • Michell Mayville: Effect of Pesticides on DNA Damage

  • Janet Peachey: Effect of Antioxidants in Preventing DNA Damage


Spring 2012


  • Henrique Schembry: Preparation of WO3 and TiO2 Nanostructured Semiconductor Films for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

  • Mitchell Mayville: Effect of Alkylating Agents on DNA Damage Probed with DAPI Dye

  • Megan Malone: Effect of Alkylating Agents on DNA Damage Probed with Pico Green Dye

  • Amanda Prance: DNA Damage by Paraquat

  • Michelle Robinson: Environmental Pollution & Human Health


Fall 2011

  • Megan Malone: DNA Damage Caused by Alkylating Agents Studied by Measuring Onset of Melting Temperature with Fluorescences Probes

  • Henrique Schembry: Preparation of Nanostructured Semiconductors for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

  • Janet Peachey: Role of Glutathione in Preventing DNA Damage

  • Michelle Robinson: Development of Sensors for the Detection of Nitrotyrosine Biomarker for Diabetes

  • Michelle Mayville: DNA Damage Induced by Pesticides

  • Amanda Prance: Role of Antioxidants in Preventing DNA Damage

Spring 2011

  • Amanda Prance: Studies of DNA Damage caused by Atrazine Herbicide

  • Janet Peachey: Interactions of Catechol with DNA in the Presence of Metal Cations

  • Robert Wallace: Repair of Alkylation and Oxidative Damage in DNA by Antioxidants

  • Kaitlin Coopersmith: Studies of DNA Damage by Paraquat

  • Sara Cutler: Interactions of Quercetin with DNA

  • Cortney Poiner: Studies of Binding of Glutathione and Homocysteine with different Fluorescent Thiol Reactive Reagents

  • Henrique Schembry: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

  • Zachary Reed: Interaction of Curcumin with DNA in the Presence of Metal Ions


Fall 2010

  • Amanda Prance: Electrochemical Detection of DNA Damage Caused by Toxicants

  • Janet Peachey: Binding of Metal Ions to Glutathione studied with EQCN Sensors and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC)

  • Robert Wallace: Interactions Between the Phenol Red Dye and Bovine Serum Albumin using AFM, Fluorescences & Raman Spectroscopy

  • Kaitlin Coopersmith: Fluorescences Resonance Energy Transfer Between Functionalized Coumarin Dyes and Gold Nanoparticles

  • Sara Cutler: Quercetin as a Antioxidant & Prooxidant

  • Cortney Poiner: Testing Antioxidants in Preventing or Reversing DNA damage


Spring 2010

  • Kaitlin Coopersmith: Interactions of Dyes with DNA Films

  • Jeffrey Deeb: Development of Biosensors for Homocysteine Detection

  • Sara Cutler: Oxidative DNA Damage in the Presence of Quercetin and Cu(II)

  • Zachary Reed: Resonance Elastic Light Scatteringand Plasmonic Phenomena in Glutathione-Mediated Gold Nanoparticles Assembly

  • Amanda Prance: Development of DNA Biosensors for the Detection of Toxicants
  • Jessica Slaper: Oxidative DNA Damage Induced by Metal Ions and Homocysteine

  • Nicholas Trombley: Competitive Adsorption of Glutathione and Homocysteine

  • Robert Wallace: Interactions between Cu(II) Ions - Glutathione - DNA

  • Justine Barcomb: Preparation and Characterization of Thiol Modified Metal Nanoparticles


Fall 2009

  • Jeffrey Deeb: Development of Biosensors for Homocysteine Detection

  • Kaitlin Coopersmith: Studies of Radiationless Processes in the Multicomponent Dye System in the Presence of Gold Nanoparticles

  • Veronica Landau: Aggregation of Silver Nanoparticles in the Presence of Thioles
  • Justine Barcomb: Molecularly Cross-Linked Silver Nanoparticle Networks for Energy Storage Applications

  • David Wickham: Conformational Transitions in Poly-L-Lysine Coated Gold Nanoparticles

Summer 2009

  • Kaitlin Coopersmith: Development of Biosensors for Mercury Detection Based on Resonance Light Scattering

  • Jeffrey Deeb: Resonance Light Scattering Spectroscopy of Glutathione-Mediated Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles

Spring 2009

  • Jeffrey Deeb: Assembly/Disassembly of Au-Nanoparticles/Glutathione System

  • Kaitlin Coopersmith: Characterization of Au-Nanoparticles-Coumarin System with Fluorescence and Light Scattering

  • Amanda Dickson: Effect of Pollutants on Women Health

  • Veronica Landau: Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles with Adsorbed Rhodamine B
  • Justine Barcomb: Formation of Silver Nanoparticle-Biomolecule Assemblies

  • David Wickham: Effect of Poly-L-lysine on the Aggregation of Au-Nanoparticles

  • Erica Sharpe: Detection of Heavy Metals using Peptide Modified Piezoelectric Sensors

Fall 2008

  • Veronica Landau: Preparation and characterization of silver nanoparticles using dynamic light scattering, atomic force microscopy (AFM), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

  • Justine Barcomb: Forensic applications of sound spectrography

Spring 2008

  • Julia Dallas: Interactions and reactivity of Hg(II) on glutathione modified gold nanoparticle electrodes

  • Matthew Fayette:  Development of sensitive biosensors for the detection of trace level concentrations of Cd(II) ions

  • Haley Redmond: Effect of dopants on the switching time of electrochromic nanoporous WO3 films

  • Sean Tuohy: Preparation and characterization of Pt-Fe nanoparticle catalysts for ethanol oxidation

Fall 2007

  • Haley Redmond: Effect of intercalated cations on the stability of WO3 films studied using EQCN techniques

  • Sean Tuohy: Oxidation of formic acid on faceted Pt electrodes

  • Mathew Fayette: Electrochemical oxidation of ethanol on nanoparticulate films

  • Julia Dallas: Thiol modified electrodes as sensors for the detection of mercury (II) ions at low concentrations

Spring 2007

  • Mathew Fayette: Electrocatalysis of ethanol oxidation on different single crystal Pt faces

  • Kenneth Moot: Importance of surface diffusion of intermediates on the performance of different catalysts for the methanol oxidation

  • Julia Dallas: Development and testing of biosensors for the detection of mercury (II) ions

  • Erica Sharpe: Biosensors for heavy metal detection using piezoelectric transducers

  • Haley Redmond: Competitive cation intercalation in optically switchable  WO3 Films

 Fall 2006

  • Haley Redmond Nonstoichiometric Electrochromic WO3-x Films

  • Erica Sharpe Polypeptide Films with Ion Gates

  • Kenneth Moot Electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol for fuel cells

  • Florence Shu Studies of protein films

  • Mathew Fayette: Formation of metallic nanowires

Summer 2006

  • Haley Redmond Improving Performance of Semiconductor Photoelectrodes for Photoelectrochemical Applications

  • Indee Dela Kumarihamy Effect of Zn+2 and Cd+2 ions on protein conformation changes

Spring 2006                                 (Sabbatical leave)


Fall 2005

  • Indee Dela Kumarihamy Interaction studies of adsorbed proteins with underpotentially deposited cadmium using EQCN and AFM techniques

  • Florence Shu Effect of cations on protein conformation changes

Summer 2005

  • Indee Dela Kumarihamy Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation from Water Using Solar Energy

Spring 2005                           

  • Indee Dela Kumarihamy Breakdown Potential Evolution for Copper Corrosion in the Presence of Different Inhibitors

  • Lindsay Facteau Photoelectrochemical  Degradation of Methyl Orange

Fall 2004

  • Indee Dela Kumarihamy Effect of Imidazole and Its Derivatives on Copper Corrosion Using SEM and AFM

  • Lindsay Facteau Detection of Fluoride Ions in Water Samples

Summer 2004       

  • Indee Dela Kumarihamy Effect of Adenine on the Corrosion of Copper  Studied Using AFM and SEM

  • Indee Dela Kumarihamy Morphology Studies of MoO3 Films Prepared at Different Potentials Using AFM and SEM

  • Patricia Cookenham Effect of Chemical and Heat Treatment of Hair Samples Studied Using SEM - Forensic Science Applications

Spring 2004                                

  • Patricia Cookenham Application of SEM to Analyze Forensic Trace Evidence

  • Mark Mack Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Acid Blue 40 Textile Dye

  • Sandra Hazelton Effect of WO3 Annealing Temperature on RBB degradation

  • Kim Shyer Effect of Fluoride  Ions on Human Health

  • Lindsay Facteau Effect of Fluoride Ions on Animal Health

  • Joseph Gagnon The Use of Microcantilevers for the Detection of Trace Amounts of Explosive Vapors

Fall 2003

  • Sandra Hazelton Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Ramazol Black B on MoO3 Electrodes

  • Mark Mack Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Acid Blue 40 Textile Dye

  • Magdalena Stobiecka Conformational Changes in Albumin During Cd UPD Film Formation in Nitrate Ion Solutions Using EQCN Technique (Visiting student from Olsztyn University, Poland)

Summer 2003

  • Sandra Hazelton Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Ramazol Black B Dye on WO3 Electrodes

Spring 2003

  • Sandra Hazelton Effect of WO3 Annealing Temperature on RBB Degradation Rate

  • Norine Hull Effect of Acid Rain on Human Health

Fall 2002

  • Richard Catalano Effect of Potential on RBB Degradation Rate

  • Kanna Ito Morphology Studies of WO3 Films Prepared at Different Potentials Using SEM

Summer 2002

  • Kanna Ito Determination of Atrazine Herbicide in Soil and Water Samples by the Piezoimmunosensor Method

Spring 2002

  • Richard Catalano Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Brilliant Cresyl Blue Dye on MoO3 Films

  • Kanna Ito Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Brilliant Cresyl Blue Dye on WO3 Films

  • Asani Phillips Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Brilliant Yellow Dye on WO3 Semiconductor

Fall 2001

  • Asani Phillips Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Chicago Sky Blue on MoO3 Electrodes

  • Ticia Savage Effect of pH on the Photodegradation of Congo Red Dye

  • Kanna Ito Effect of Potential on Photodegradation of Brilliant Cresyl Blue

  • Richard Catalano Effect of MoO3 Annealing Temperature on Photodegradation of Brilliant Cresyl Blue

  • Jan Pribyl Highly Sensitive Immunosensors for Atrazine Using Direct and Competitive Immunoassays (Visiting graduate student from Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)

Summer 2001

  • Assani Phillips Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Textile Dyes

  • Ticia Savage Effect of Potential and Type of Semiconductor Film on Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Congo Red Dye

  • Jeremiah Yartym Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Atriazine

Spring 2001

  • Jeremiah Yartym Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Organic Pollutants

  • Judith Slote Comparison of MoO3 and WO3 Semiconductors for Dye Degradation

  • Assani Phillips Morphology of Copper-Xanthate Films Studied with SEM

  • Stephen Williams Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Congo Red Dye

Fall 2000

  • Jeremiah Yartym Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Atriazine Pesticide

  • Judith Slote Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Chicago Sky Blue Dye Using MoO3 Semiconductor Electrodes

  • Assani Philipps Scanning Electron Microscopy Studies of the Influence of Different Corrosion Inhibitors on Copper Morphology

  • Steve Williams Immunosensor for Atriazine Pesticide

Summer 2000

  • Jeremiah Yartym Photoelectrochemical Degradation of Orange II Dye

  • Judity Slote Photoelectrochemical Mineralization of Chicago Sky Blue Dye at Pt/WO3 Electrodes

  • Robin Lyndaker Effect of Temperature on Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dyes

Spring 2000

  • Shaun Hafner Comparison of Mitoxantrone Binding to ssDNA and dsDNA Modified Electrodes

  • Jeremiah Yartrym Photoelectrochemical Decomposition of Orange II dye at Pt/WO3 Electrodes

  • Robin Lyndaker Photocatalytic Degradation of Orange II Dye.  Determination of Rate Constants

  • Jan Halamek Immunosensors for 2,4-D and Atriazine Pesticides

  • Matt Skeels Development of Immobilization Methods of Estrogen Receptors on Piezoelectric Sensors

Fall 1999

  • Robin Lyndaker Photocatalytic Degradation of Orange II dye.  Effect of pH and Concentration

  • Shaun Hafner Determination of Binding Sites in DNA-modified Electrodes upon Mitoxanthrone Binding

  • Jeremiah Yartrym Photocatalytic Degradation of Naphthol Blue Black Dye

  • Evon Powell  Characterization of Crown Ether Films using EQCN Technique


Summer 1999

  • Robin Lyndaker Preparation and Characterization of Cobalt/Silicon Carbide Composite Films

  • Shaun Hafner Interaction of Mitoxantrone with DNA-modified Electrodes

  • Jeremiah Yartrym Characterization of Au/p-Aminothiophenol/PANi Films Using EQCN Technique

  • Andy Denny X-ray Analysis of Composite Films


Spring 1999

  • Andy Denny  Corrosion Studies of Composite Ni/SiC Films

  • Brian Kusak  Microhardness Determination of Cu/SiC Films


Fall 1999

  • Andrew Denny Microhardness of Ni/SiC Films

  • Brian Kusak Corrosion Studies of Cu/SiC Films

  • Ming Chen  Binding of Antibody to HAS Modified Electrodes using EQCN Technique

  • Earl Tewksbury  Reductive Desorption of Glutathione

Summer 1998

  • Earl Tewksbury Binding of Neuroleptic Drugs to DNA Modified Electrodes

  • John Nink Methylene Green Interactions with DNA Electrodes Studied with EQCM Technique

  • Brian Kusak Preparation & Characterization of Electrode-deposited Ni/Diamond Thin Films

  • Andrew Graney Scanning Electron Microscope Studies of Morphology of Cu/Diamond Films

  • Jessica Semanscin  Detection of Lead & Pesticides in Tap Water, River & Lake Water from St. Lawrence County Area

  • Ming Chen  Immunosensor for Human Serum Albumin-Preparation and Characterization

  • Monica Pozniak Preparation of WO3 Electrochromic Films


Spring 1998

  • Christine Mahoney  Annealing & Oxidation of Ni/TiC Films

  • Earl Tewksbury  Formation of Pb Islands Microstructure in Glutathione Films

  • Mary Herzog Drugs Binding to Glutathione Films

  • Andrew Graney Preparation of Cu/Diamond Thin Films


Fall 1997                      

  • Christine Mahoney  Preparation & Characterization of Ni/TiC using Electrochemical & Spectroscopic Techniques

  • Adam Tripp Use of EQCM Technique to Study Transport of Pb+2 Ions through Gramicidin Ion Channels

  • Earl Tewksbury  Analysis of Heavy Metals in Water

  • Mary Herzog  Binding of Antibiotics to DNA-modified Electrodes

  • Aldora Wun  Binding of Neuroleptic Drugs to Self-Assembling Monolayer of Glutathione


Summer 1997

  • Christine Mahoney  Effect of Annealing & Oxidation on Ni/SiC Films

  • Monika Pozniak  HPLC Determination of Tricylic Antidepressants

  • Aldora Wun Melanin release from Adsorbed Metal/Melanin Complexes

  • Adam Tripp Transport of TL+ Ions Through Gramicidin Ion Channels Incorporated into Phospholipid Films

  • Tania Tannahill Effects of Annealing & Oxidation on Ni/WC Films

  • Earl Tewksbury Formation of Ni Islands Microstructure in Glutathione Channels


Spring 1997

  • Matthew Skeels Effect of Alkali Earth Cations on Opening Ion Gates of Glutathione Using EQCM Technique

  • Tannia Tannahill  Testing Microhardness of Composite Ni/BN Films

  • Adam Tripp Electrochemistry of Resveratrol (Component of Red Wine)

  • Christine Mahoney  Preparation and Characterization of Ni/SiC using Electrochemical Methods & Scanning Electron Microscopy


Fall 1996

  • Matthew Skeels Effect of pH on Ion Gates of Gluthathione using EQCM Technique

  • Tania Tannahill  Testing Microhardness of Composite Ni Films

  • Christopher Baxter Testing Corrosion Resistance of Ni/BN Films

  • Adam Tripp Electrochemistry of Resveratrol

  • Christine Mahoney  Preparation & Characterization of Ni/Si3N4 Films using Electrochemical Methods & Scanning Electron Microscopy


Summer 1996

  • Efrossini Cateforis  Synergestic Effects of KEX and Benzotriazole on Copper Corrosion

  • Matthew Skeels  Oxidation of Glutathione & Formation of GSSG Films

  • Christopher Baxter Testing Corrosion Resistance of Ni/SiC Films

  • Tania Tannahill  Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis of (Ni/BN) Nickel/Boron Nitride Film

  • Jocelyn Coryea  Use of FAD (Flavin Adenin Dinucleotide) Modified Electrodes to Study Electron Transfer of Biomolecules

  • Daniel Pascual  Controlled Release of Chlorpromazine from PPy/Heparin Films Studied by EQCN Technique


Spring 1996

  • Efrossini Cateforis  Effect of Benzotriazole on Corrosion of Copper Studied by EQCM Technique

  • Christopher Baxter "Scanning Electron Microscope Studies of Morphology of Ni/BN Films

  • Melanie Filiatrault  Electrochemical Testing of Anticancer Drugs

  • Jocelyn Coryea  Spot Tests for Drugs Analysis-Testing New Procedures

  • Matthew Skeels  Electrostatic Effects on Drug Permeation through Mixed Surfactant/Phospholipid Films

  • Tania Tannahill  Scanning Electron Microscope and Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis of Cu/BN Films


Fall 1995   

  • Paul Cutter  Testing Stability of Phospholipid Films and Mixed Layers

  • Efrossini Cateforis  Effect of Thiourea on Copper Corrosion

  • Jason Kirka  Reactions of Quinons at Phospholipid Modified Electrodes

Summer 1995

  • Paul Cutter  Study of Redox Reactions and Permeation of Drugs through Phospholipid Monolayers Effect of Modification of Electrode with I- on the Electron Transfer of Cytochrome C

  • Cynthia Rice  Effect of Tartrate Ions on Ag Deposition on Conductive Polymer and its Dissolution

  • Caroline Metzger  Detection and Analysis of Heavy Metals in Wines Using Differential Pulse Polarography

  • Yi-Ming Chen  Effect of Substrate on Deposition of Ni on Composite Polymer Films


Fall  1994

  • Cynthia Rice  Electrodeposition and Morphology Studies of Ag/PPy Composite Films using Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Yi-Ming Chen  Effect of Organic Additives on Metal Plating on Conductive Polymers

  • Zhang Xingmin  Mechanisms of Lead Deposition on Conductive Polymers Studied by EQCM Technique


Summer 1994

  • Cynthia Rice  Electrodeposition of Silver on Composite PPy/PSS- Using EQCM Technique
  • Caroline Metzger  Detection of Heavy Metals in Vinegars Using Differential Pulse Polarography
  • Zhang Xingmin  New Method of Removal of Toxic Metals from Wastes using Composite Conductive Polymers
  • Jaroslaw Hepel  Effect of pH on the Ion Dynamics of Composite Polypyrrole/Heparin Films
  • Yi-Ming Chen New Materials for Fuel Cells.  Pt0 Nanoparticles Embedded in Polypyrrole Films

Spring 1994

  • Cynthia Rice  Electrodeposition of Silver on Conductive Polymer Polypyrrole Films
  • Carolyn Metzger  Analysis of Water Detection of Cations in Local Streams usingAtomic Absorption
  • Richard Stephenson  Electrodeposition of Ni on PPy/PSS Films
  • Laura Adams Effect of Organic Additives on Copper Plating on PPy
  • Yi-Ming Chen Electrocatalytic Materials for Methanol Oxidation

Fall 1993

  • Richard Stephenson  Development of a Method for Nickel Removal from Plating Wastes
  • Gabrielle Stephenson  Drug Interactions with Phospholipids

 Summer 1993

  • Richard Stephenson  Removal of Lead from Wastes using Conductive Polymers
  • Andrew Williams  Effect of Substituent Groups on Different Phenathiazine on the Redox Reactions at Phospholipid Modified Electrodes
  • Sara Ward  Development of Procedures for Formation of CdSe Semiconductors Colloidal Nanoparticles
  • Stephen Ward  UV-Visible Spectroscopy Studies of Colloidal Suspensions During Formation of CdSe nanoparticles
  • Jaroslaw Hepel  Cardiolipin Modified Electrodes as a Sensor for Neuroleptic Drugs

Spring 1993

  • Laura Adams  Morphology Studies of Cu/PPy Films Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Susan Perkins  Effect of Potential on the Nucleation of Cu on PPy and PPy/PSS- Films
  • Richard Stephenson  Use of EQCM Method to Test Ion Dynamics in Conductive Polymers
  • Scott Spinner Oxidation of Ascorbic Acid at Phospholipid Modified Electrodes
  • Andrew Williams Redox Reactions of Tetracyclines at Phospholipid Modified Electrodes

Fall 1992

  • Susan Perkins  Scanning Electron Microscopy Studies of Morphology of Pb/PSS Films
  • Edith Seymour  Development of a New Method of Formation of CdS in Conductive Polymer Films
  • Andrew Williams  Effect of Potential and pH on the Stability of Phospholipid Films
  • Richard Stephenson  Testing of Lead in Tap Water in Local Residence Homes

Fall 1991

  • Laura Dentrone  Removal of Cadmium Using PPy/Catethol Electrodes
  • Edith Seymour  Formation of Cholesterol/Phospholipid Films
  • Susan Perkins  Effect of Additives on Pb Nucleation and Growth

Summer 1991

  • Edith Seymour  Formation of PPy/Melanin Films for Controlled Drug Release
  • Laura Dentrone Formation of PPy/FAD Films for Controlled Drug Release

Spring 1990

  • Farah Mahdavi  Spectroscopic Studies of Binding of Drugs with Melanin
  • Michael Salamy  Binding of Copper to PPy/Cathechol Films Studied using EQCM Technique

Fall 1989

  • Farah Mahdavi Controlled Release of Chlorpromazine
  • Michael Salamy  Matrix Effects in Copper Analysis
  • Julie Gorman  Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry of Sulfides

Spring 1989

  • Frederick Boeheim  Reactions of Cysteine with Cis Platinum Anticancer Drugs
  • Michael Salamy  Binding of Copper to Different Quinones

Fall 1988

  • Saravathy Reddy  Spectroscopic Studies of Binding Reactions of Drugs with Melanin
  • Thad Schug  Spectroscopic Studies of Binding Reactions of Drugs with ATP
  • Frederick Boeheim  Reactions of Cysteine and Cystine on Metal and Modified Electrodes

Spring 1988

  • Frederick Boeheim  Determination of Potential Range for Cysteine Adsorption and Desorption
  • Alejandro Rodrigquez  Spectroscopic Studies of Binding of Biomolecules to Triflupromazine, Neuroleptic Drug
  • Thad Schug Electrochemical Oxidation of Neuroleptic Drugs
  • Stephen White  Spectroscopic Studies of Binding of Biomolecules with Thioridazine, Neuroleptic Drug

Fall 1987

  • Stephen White  Electrochemical Oxidation of Thioridazine, Studies of Radical Formation

Spring 1987

  • Jay Burnham  Anodic Stripping Voltammetry of Silver at Microelectrodes
  • Laura Foster  Electrochemical Activitiy of Folic Acid
  • Douglas Sears  Effect of Fulvic Acids on the Detection of Copper in Natural Waters
  • Allen Salermo Determination of Ibuprofen:  Extraction and HPLC Analysis
  • Christy Skibinski Separation of Ibuprofen from other Drugs

Fall 1986

  • Jay Burnham  Effect of Acetate Ions on ASV of Silver
  • Laura Foster  Differential Pulse Polarography Analysis of Tetracycline
  • Douglas Sears Effect of Humic Acids on the Detection of Copper and Lead

Fall/Spring 1985

  • Leanne Forman  New Analytical Method for Penicillin Determination

Nanoporous TiO2

for solar energy conversion and direct methanol fuel cells


Degradation of dye pollutants

Electron density surface

with  map of highest Occupied Molecular Orbitals (HOMO) for dye pollutant Remazol Blue Black.  Decomposition of pollutants studied by photo-electrocatalytic method using TiO2, WO3, and MoO3 semiconductor electrodes

Quantum Conductance Monatomic Nanobridge Devices

studied using conductanc spectroscopy and AFM/STM

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