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Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Nanobalance (EQCN) technique utilizes quartz vibrations and piezoelectric effect to measure mass changes as small as a fraction of a monolayer of atoms


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Dr. Hepel co-organized and chaired the following recent symposia:

  American Chemical Society, 248th National ACS Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Aug. 10-14, 2014, Symposium: "Graphene-Based Nanomaterials for Biosensors, Nanomedicine and Bioelectronic Applications", Organizer,

American Chemical Society, National ACS Meeting, Denver, CO, Aug. 28 - Sept. 1, 2011, Symposium: "Functional Nanoparticles for Bioanalysis and Electronic Devices", Organizer,

American Chemical Society, North-East Regional Meeting, NERM-2010, June 2-5, 2010, Potsdam, NY, Program Chair,

Electrochemical Society National Meeting, Denver, CO, May 7-12, 2006, Symposium: "Nanotechnology", Chairperson;

  International Society of Electrochemistry Meetings ISE-2005, Busan, Korea, September 25-30, 2005, Symposium Session: "Physical Electrochemistry", Chairperson;
  International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics, Coimbra, Portugal, Jun 19-24, 2005, Chairperson;
  Eastern Analytical Symposium, Somerset, NJ, Nov. 14-17, 2005, Symposium: "Nanotechnology and Emerging Analytical/Bioanalytical Applications", Organizer;
  American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 13-17, 2005, Symposium: "Biosensors and Sensors: Nanostructure", Chairperson;

14th Annual Teaching Effectiveness Conference: "Undergraduate Research: Models, Funding and Pedagogy", co-organizer; Conference was sponsored by Associated Colleges of the St.Lawrence Valley, October 29, 2005, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY. Three chemistry students: Indee Dela Kumarihamy, Florence Shu and John Bennett working under Dr. Hepel supervision contributed poster presentations to this conference.

  International Society of Electrochemistry Meetings ISE-2004 Thessaloniki, Greece, September 19-24, 2004, Symposium Session: "Interfacial Electrochemistry", Chairperson
  International Society of Electrochemistry Meetings ISE-2004 Thessaloniki, Greece, September 19-24, 2004, Symposium Session: "Environmental Electrochemistry", Chairperson
  International Society of Electrochemistry Meetings ISE-2004 Thessaloniki, Greece, September 19-24, 2004, Symposium Session: "Corrosion Science and Technology", Chairperson
  International Society of Electrochemistry Meetings ISE-2003, San Pedro, Brazil, September, 2003, Symposium Session: "Bioelectrochemistry", Chairperson

and others.



388 presentations, including 77 invited talks. Papers presented at:


American Chemical Society Meetings,

Electrochemical Society Meetings,

Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry,

International Society of Electrochemistry,

American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society Meetings,

Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) Meetings,

Eastern Analytical Symposiums,

International Meetings on Chemical Sensors,

Colloid and Surface Science Symposium,

Pittsburgh Conferences on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy,

Gordon Conferences,

International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies,

International Symposiums on Fuel Cells,

International Meetings on Corrosion and Surface Analysis & Microstructures,

Controlled Drug Release Society Meetings,

Materials Research Society Meetings,

American Ceramic Society Meetings,

International Meetings on New Materials for Electrochemical Systems,

International Conference on Chemical Monitoring of the Environment,

International Fisher Symposium on Electrochemistry and Environment,

International Symposium on Electrochemical Methods in Corrosion Research;

International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics,

IUPAC Congress;

Conference of the Canadian Society for Chemistry,

International Symposium on Scanning Probe Microscopy;

World Congress on Biosensors;

IUPAC Congress and Conference of the Canadian Society for Chemistry;

Workshop on Scanning Probe Microscopy;

International Meetings "Electrochemistry in Nanosciences".


3. Recent Presentations:

Nanoporous TiO2

for solar energy conversion and direct methanol fuel cells


Degradation of dye pollutants

Electron density surface

with potential map for dye pollutant Remazol Blue Black.  Decomposition of pollutants studied by photo-electrocatalytic method using TiO2, WO3, and MoO3 semiconductor electrodes

Quantum Conductance Monatomic Nanobridge Devices

studied using conductanc spectroscopy and AFM/STM

Oriented Single Crystal Quartz Wafer

used as a piezoresonator in sensors is able to detect  nanogram mass changes of monolayer films